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To support its partner, Support for International Change (SIC), Conscious Contraceptives (ConCon) has pledged to contribute donations toward trip sponsorship for new SIC volunteers in 2012.

For each individual order received utilizing the designated 10% discount code at the time of check out, ConCon pledges to donate $5 toward the university associated with the discount code. For example, if 100 orders are received with the discount code for UCLA’s campus—“SICUCLA”—then ConCon will donate $500 toward the SIC volunteers from UCLA’s campus.

There is no limit to the number of orders received and the donation amount contributed by ConCon, so the sky is the limit! In addition to the $5 per order donation, there is an added bonus for the college campus which drives the highest number of orders overall during the competition. ConCon pledges that it will also donate one (1) entire village program fee to whichever school drives the most orders to ConCon.org*. The $3,100 sponsorship can either be given exclusively to one volunteer, divided up between more than one volunteer or split evenly between all of the volunteers. It is up to the victorious campus to decide!


The competition officially starts March 4th, 2012 and will end at 12:00am PST on May 1st, 2012


Conscious Contraceptives is a globally conscious organization delivering contraceptives and related products directly to consumers through its convenient and discreet online storefront.

Inspired by the “one for one” charity model established by Tom’s shoes (www.toms.com), a portion of every purchase from ConCon.org is contributed toward donating desperately needed contraceptives to underserved communities domestically and abroad. All of Conscious Contraceptives’ donations support local manufacturing and commerce. 

In addition to the donations, Conscious Contraceptives partners with US-based and international organizations to promote ongoing sexual education to reduce the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and the number of unplanned pregnancies worldwide. Using the purchasing power of individuals to benefit the greater good, we transform our customers into benefactors, allowing us to grow a truly sustainable business.


The table below provides a complete list of the discount codes which must be submitted with any orders during checkout. Any orders which are not submitted with the correct discount code below will unfortunately not count toward any school as it will be impossible to correctly identify, associate, and track.

 College Discount Code
 Berkeley  SICCAL
 Boston University
 Stanford  SICSTAN
 University of Arizona  SICUOFA
 University of Washington  SICUW
 All Other Universities  SIC2012



For more information or to answer any questions regarding the competition please send an email to info@concon.org.

*In order to qualify for the village program fee sponsorship, the total number of orders generated by all schools participating in the competition must exceed six hundred (600) individual orders submitted with the participating school’s discount codes. To ensure that each school has an equal opportunity to win the final score will be weighted to adjust for the different number of volunteers at each campus (ie: the total number of orders for each campus will be divided by the number of volunteers from the campus).